Conferences and Workshops

Human-Wildlife conflicts #HWC2020

Postponed due to CoVid-19……

Join our session at Oxford 1-3 April ‘Bridging the gap between science & practice: Challenges and solutions towards human-wildlife coexistence in human dominated landscapes, organised by Hannes König (ZALF), Adam Ford (UBC), Moritz Klose (WWF) and Steph (EcoDyn/ IZW)

Scientific highlights

11/19 – Found it! Read how An Nguyen and colleagues solved the mystery of the lost Chevrotain in Nature Ecology & Evolution

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Read more on the joint project of GWC, SIE and Leibniz-IZW

10/19 – New paper by Andrew Tilker in Communications Biology reveals huntig is a higher threat to SEA wildlife than habitat degradation

07/19 – She did it again! Paper in Nature Comms on climate change and animal populations at risk by amazing Viktoriia!

02/19 – New paper by Viktoriia Radchuk on the dimensionality of stability in Ecology Letters