for graduate and undergraduate students

We are looking for motivated students interested in questions about wildlife dynamics and distributions under global change, animal behavioral ecology or advancing theory in ecology and evolution. Students should have a strong background in (or the will to learn) R, statistics and modelling. Please contact us for possible thesis subjects and state your skills and interests. TU Berlin students, please consider the Reader for the steps necessary to conduct a thesis.

Selection of theses currently running under our supervision:

BSc, F Röpke

Influence of roost site availability on activity of forest-dwelling bats above coniferous forests

TU Berlin

Supervision: Volker Kelm (K&S Umweltgutachten), Stephanie Kramer-Schadt (TUB/IZW)

MSc, AM Attenberger

A habitat suitability model for Grey Crowned Cranes (Balearica regulorum) in Rwanda based on sightings

TU Berlin

Supervision: Olivier Nsengimana (RWCA), Moritz von der Lippe (TUB), Stephanie Kramer-Schadt (TUB/IZW)

MSc, S Drenske

Using social network analysis on a population of reintroduced Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita) to understand decisions of migratory association.

TU Berlin

Supervision: Johannes Fritz (Uni Salzburg), Sarah Benhaiem (IZW), Conny Landgraf (IZW), Stephanie Kramer-Schadt (TUB/IZW)

Photo by Burst on

MSc, L Fiechter

What contribution can non-standardized Citizen Science data make in biodiversity monitoring?

TU Berlin

Supervision: Silke Heucke-Voigt (MfN), Aimara Planillo (IZW), Stephanie Kramer-Schadt (TUB/IZW)

(c) KORA

BSc, J Bellack

Small-Scale Habitat Selection of the European Wildcat Felis silvestris silvestris in the Bernese Seeland, Switzerland

TU Berlin

Supervision: Lea Maronde (KORA), Stephanie Kramer-Schadt (TUB/IZW)

(c) Rick Heeres

MSc, E Sanchez

A population viability and connectivity analysis for the alpine lynx (Lynx lynx) population.

Univ Lund, Sweden

Supervision: Anja Molinari-Jobin (KORA), Aimara Planillo (IZW), Stephanie Kramer-Schadt (IZW)

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